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Improve Business Performance and Value

Most strategies fail because

  • they are not backed up with the right organizational competences

  • detached from the operational reality, or

  • simply not understood by staff.

What is your business worth right now?

PEGI is a Price Earnings Growth Improvement app designed to turn raw data into visual charts.


PEGI is for business owners and managers to guide you and keep you on track and help you increase revenue and reduce operational costs to improve profit margins and business value.

You can access PEGI from your phone or your desktop and get instant insights based on the history of your business

KPI Management & Staff Alignment


Allows you to load as many KPIs as necessary to monitor and drive your business forward.


Assigns KPIs to key staff for accurate monthly or weekly data input to measure improvement or reduction.


Ensures alignment with company goals by giving key staff the same KPIs used to grow the business.




The more you manage and improve metrics, the more your business will be worth.

PEGI constantly updates your PE (Price Earnings) value and tells you what your business is worth based on industry sector.

The importance of KPI's for Businesses

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KPIs help businesses measure their success

and growth.

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The number of KPIs to use depends on the type of business.

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Small businesses can use as few as four or five KPIs.

Examples of
KPI's for

  • Total Monthly Revenue

  • Net profit

  • Monthly sales per item

  • Monthly Gross Margin

  • Quality Assurance

  • Downtime

  • Customer Conversion Rate

  • Average Transaction Value

  • Customer Lifetime Value or Churn Rate

  • Employee Productivity

  • Social media activities or Customer Satisfaction

  • Shipping speed or Production Output

  • Stock holding or Inventory Turnover

  • Available Cash flow or Age Analyses

PEGI is for everyone

Marketing PEGI

  • Ad Spend vs results

  • Leads to sales conversions

  • Emails sent

  • Cold calls made

  • and much more

Manufacturing PEGI

  • Output

  • Delays

  • Raw materials

  • Delivery

  • Machines Hours

  • and much more

Warehouse PEGI

  • Staff to orders

  • Space to Value

  • Shrinkage

  • Delivery speed

  • Breakage 

  • Stock value

  • and much more

Sales PEGI

  • Monthly sales

  • Calls Made

  • Conversion rate

  • Leads to sales conversions

  • Emails sent

  • and much more

Deliveries PEGI

  • Fuel Bill

  • Ave delivery time

  • Repairs Bill

  • Accidents and incidents

  • Traffic Fines

  • and much more

Software Dev PEGI

  • Developers

  • Delivery speed

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Billable revenue

  • and much more

Installation PEGI

  • Speed from order to Completed

  • Average profit per job

  • Speed from warehouse to installer

  • and much more



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